Use robot wet-dry shop vacuums for families

Today’s tools and equipment are becoming more and more modernized to meet the needs of people, in which the vacuum cleaner is the device that is most concerned about both customer’s and manufacturers’ export. The appearance of robot vacuums is seen as an essential milestone to modernize the daily life of the family. However, there are still some questions about whether to use a robot wet-dry shop vacuum for the family or not? Today’s article, I will answer some questions that people often ask.

The advantages of robot vacuums

Thanks to the breakthrough in innovation, the robot vacuum cleaner has the following extremely prominent benefits.

  • Automatic wet-dry shop vacuum

The clean house without you having to spend time or effort to handle is the most significant advantage that the robot vacuum cleaner brings. Just one operation on the phone or control on the device will automatically operate to clean every position in the house.

No tangle of wires, no need to take advantage of the time to go home from work to vacuum, but you can completely install the machine to operate whenever you want. Even if you are not at home, you can do it.

  • Many modes are preset

Many people worry that the robot wet-dry shop vacuum will not be able to clean the locations in the corner of the house or under cabinets, tables, beds, etc. But the machine is fully equipped with functions and modes to clean every corner thoroughly.

Random method: random vacuum cleaners in every position do not follow any order at all.

Focus mode: the machine will focus on active and rotating suction in the areas that people want.

Perpendicular style: the device will stick along the wall to vacuum dust in the corners, tables, and chairs.

Also, the machine has a flat circle so it can squeeze into narrow chassis like under cabinet, bed, …

  • There are sensors to protect the machine

You won’t have to worry about your device hitting the wall or falling down the stairs. Because the machine is equipped with the surrounding sensor system, which helps the machine change direction when it is about to hit obstacles or automatically turn off the engine when reaching the stairs. So even if no one at home, you can completely rest assured that the device works without worrying about the machine falling, or the impact leading to damage anymore.

  • Integrating many smart features

Most current robot vacuum models are equipped with many intelligent features such as wet-dry shop vacuum combined with floor cleaning, must signal for help when stuck or having problems. Smart-designed dust filter, dust container help keep dust out of the suction process.

Besides, some models are equipped with HEPA filters to clean the air to the maximum.

The limitations of robot vacuums

Although there are many outstanding advantages, robot vacuums also have some limitations, such as:

  • Weak suction power

The fact that the robot wet-dry shop vacuum has a low vacuum capacity. Therefore, it only works with ordinary dirt and small particles, while the massive waste of machinery can not be exhausted. Therefore, before running the machine, users often have to clean up once to collect large pieces of debris before running the tool.

  • Quickly runs out of battery

Maybe, according to the advertisement, the wet-dry shop vacuum can use 2, 3 hours. Still, the battery life is usually much lower, only about 40 minutes to 60 minutes is the device automatically returns to the charging place.

Criteria for evaluating an excellent battery-powered vacuum cleaner

The assessment of which battery wet-dry shop vacuum is right can be based on the following evaluation criteria:

  • Working capacity

The more stable the machine’s performance, the more appreciated it is. Currently, more power is available for battery-powered vacuum models. Therefore, when choosing, you should consider the space to be cleaned to make the selection of the most appropriate machine capacity, to help maximize your work capacity.

  • Battery life

For battery machines, the battery capacity is vital to evaluate that it is the best device or not. Therefore, the larger the battery capacity, the longer the usage time, the larger the cleaning area and shortening the cleaning time. As for the small capacity battery, it will quickly run out of battery; the cleaning will take longer due to interruption, stopping charging, or weak battery, so the suction is not reliable, not thorough.

  • Noise level

Good machines will be equipped with high-end motors and apply many modern technologies to reduce noise during working. Uniquely the engines are fitted with centrifugal vortex suction power can both handle dust thoroughly while adjusting the noise level to a minimum. Therefore, you can entirely rely on the noise level of the machine-generated to assess the quality and performance of the device.

  • Flexibility

The primary flexibility is to be able to adjust the short length of the machine to suit each position, the workspace to achieve the best efficiency.

It would be best if you chose devices that can be collapsed or extended so that when cleaning in different locations such as vacuuming floors, ceilings, computers, cars, mattresses, beds is faster and more thorough.

In conclusion

It is no wires, easy to move hygiene to the corners of the house; cars make battery-powered wet-dry shop vacuums increasingly popular. So should we use robot vacuums for families or not, and what kind of battery-powered vacuum cleaners? In the above article, we have explored together. Hopefully, through this article, you will be able to make your own choice quickly.