Teenage Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Whether your teen is just hitting the teens or on their way to college, you can’t help but notice that they have acquired their own style J

It can be hard at times to come up with teenage bedroom decorating ideas to make your young adult happy, especially if you’re not hip to what teens want to see in their rooms. Nowadays , its more about the personalization of the space, and less about the lava lamps and overall “grooviness” of the room.

Here are a few teenage bedroom decorating ideas that you can use to inspire you to help your youngster redesign their space!

This teenage room design works in all the right ways (and that bed looks really comfy!) The lighting and the art over the bed have a personal feel and definitely makes a statement about the person sleeping in there.

The flamingos on this cover look really neat! If I weren’t married, I would probably have this cover on my bed! Pink and orange are really cute colors to put together 

This is one of the best teenage bedroom decorating ideas that I’ve seen that incorporates bunk beds. Now, you wont be able to fit this design style into a dorm room, but its perfect to try at home. And because the colors are so neutral, it would work for a teen boy or girl.

Great room design for your young man, and it almost has a retro feel to it that gives it a more mature look! My son would have this room tore up in a week! 

While we’re on the subject of teen decorating, check out these great reads from across the web! Let me know what you think of the pics I selected. I see a few things I want to try already!

That’s my small take on teenage bedroom decorating ideas!