Outdoor Deck Design Ideas: 5 Decks to Inspire You

Do you have an outdoor deck? If not, you’re in luck. You get to view these outdoor deck design ideas before you build (as its always easier to start from scratch than to change the actual structure of a deck.)

If you already have a deck in place, you can still read on  There’s plenty of inspiration to go around.

Let’s get inspired!

Rustic and Modern!

This one is really rustic, yet is has a modern look  to it.

I live in Detroit, so there’s no resting on the lake (although we do have a beautiful riverfront)I can, however, see myself using some of the outdoor deck design ideas implemented like the candles, tree stump table and the wood burning stove. What design elements do you like here? What about the overall layout of the deck? I definitely like the built in benches 

Simple and Tranquil

Sometimes less is more.Now, this is a pretty large deck, but the design is simple. I like the fact that they used a metal railing system to add the modern touch. Overall, this outdoor deck design is perfect for someone that wants simple and tranquil. What do you think?

Easy Breezy Beautiful Deck Tiles

Deck tiles are really easy to install and have a look of their own! If you have a concrete area that you want to spruce up, this would definitely be the way to go (of course, you could paint the concrete, but that’s a different blog post)

This picture doesn’t do much for accessory design inspiration, but this is definitely one of the outdoor deck design ideas I wanted to show you. Have you seen these before and if not, would you try them? I want to do something like this to my moms yard. She doesn’t have a large space for a deck, but she has a concrete pad that perfect for deck tiles.

Beautiful Stone Deck

I know this isn’t wood, buts this outdoor deck design is really cozy! Some people don’t care for wood decks because of the upkeep involved. I wanted to show an alternative that has just as much style and character as wood.

This is definitely something I would do to my yard if I didn’t already have a wood deck. The layout is pretty functional as well! What do you think?

How did I do? Honestly. Did you see something here that you could see yourself incorporating into your own space? I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time…