Ethnic Home Decorations

You Can Design an Ethnic Room!

I know a lot of people that want to furnish their homes with ethnic interior décor, but they just don’t know how. If you’re of any other ethnicity other than the one you’re trying to capture in your space, I can totally see how that becomes a problem!

I was asked in particular about African inspired home décor, so I will focus on that in this post. Ethnic home decorations are easy to find and most stores carry them. Now, depending on how much you want to inject that particular theme into your room, you could go with several choices.


African inspired artifacts are a great way to add ethnic interior décor into your space. These types of items can be found online, or in a department store. Now, of course, if you purchase them this way you must know that they are “inspired” and not real.

Swap meets and craft fairs also have a fair share of ethnic home decorations. Many of the people that run these stands are actually from Africa and other foreign countries. Their work is normally exceptional, and the colors and always fabulous.

Wall Décor

Some stores (and flea markets) carry wall décor that looks really authentic and gives the room a real ethnic feel.

You should try to select various different types of wall décor, not just pictures. This will make the room more interesting and help you avoid the “cluttered” look.

Whether you decide to use small figurines or large pieces for decoration, make sure the ethnic interior theme is carried throughout the room. Some people try to mix different themes and it ends up looking like a circus. If you want an African inspired room, stick with products that are of that nature. You will have a much better chance of achieving the look you want this way than if you just threw all sorts of pieces together.

Select your design accessories carefully, and remember that you have access to some really great ethnic home decorations right here through The $20 Gift Company!

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