Easy Home Crafts-Wood is All Good!

This week I wanted to focus on different types of easy home crafts because I’m about to redecorate a few rooms in the house and I need something different. As I poked around the internet, I found a lot of inspiration using wood blocks. Here are some of my favorites.

Wooden Block Messages

Picture via www.midwestdowel.com

I thought this was absolutely beautiful. I don’t know if I like the letters more than the pictures or vice versa. I’ve included the website so that you guys can take a look, but overall I don’t think that this would be too hard to achieve. Your materials would probably include some stencils and paint, clear glue for the pics and a matte finish for the picture blocks.

Wooden Block Headboard Bed Wall

Picture via www.varrell.com

So, what do you think about this? Definitely something I would consider and it falls under the easy home crafts category. Who knew a bunch of wood blocks and stain could make a wall look so damn cool! I know my husband won’t let me do this to the bedroom wall, but I can dream can’t I? This reminds me of the modern look that you get when you add wood laminate flooring to the walls. Pretty cool, eh?

Wood Block Pallet Table

Picture via www.abeautifulmess.com

So glad I found this one! I think the rustic look is fabulous and luckily the designer has plenty of information (including more pics) about the piece on their website. I like the fact that it’s recycled wood and that you can stain each block any color that you want. This would make a great indoor or outdoor table. It doesn’t quite fit the décor in my home, but I love it anyway! What do you think-easy home crafts category or not? Be sure to visit the site.

Wood Block Wall Art

Picture via www.designsoak.com

Here’s another one that makes me want to run to Home Depot and get started. I love all the different colors of the blocks and they all seem to have their own voice.  The project could be done on a large or small scale, depending on how large the wall space is that you’re trying to fill. I think that this would look good right above a sofa or  above the fireplace mantel.

Picture via www.designsoak.com

I had to include this one. It was also featured on designsoak.com, and it gives me plenty of design inspiration. I although this fits the easy home crafts category, I would be careful to mix and match colors that I know would look well with the rest of the décor, especially if you’re on a tight budget. You wouldn’t want to have to buy your wood decorating blocks twice!

 I’m so glad I poked around today. I saw a few more things that I wanted to add, but I can save those for another post. There were my favorites.

So, how did I do? If you have any experience working with wood decorating blocks, I would love to hear from you. Perhaps you could share your knowledge and help the rest of us create something beautiful!!

Until next time…