Could This Be the Real Grayson Manor-Web Snippet

Emily pulls Nolan into this tiny powder room to give him the name of the next person on her hit list. She has to hurry because Victoria and Daniel are awaiting her presence at the dinner table.

Feeling desperate and alone, Victoria sulks in the tub, numb by the death of her son Patrick, who was killed by a bullet from Charlotte’s secret weapon.

Daniel stares into the lake, and ponders on how he can break the news to his family that he’s now the new leader of the Initiative. The first task is to get rid of Conrad Grayson once and for all.

OK, so this is not the Grayson Manor, but it sure as hell looks like it 

I just LOVE House of Turquoise! Thank you for sharing these awesome designs by Jules Duffy

The rooms are so flawless, like  a space you could picture Victoria Grayson sitting in!!! (shout out to Revenge on ABC) I think my favorite is the bathroom. It’s so elegant and clean! And what about the view?? 

Beautiful all the way around. Could you see yourself in any of these spaces? How about recreating one of these on a dime?

And shout out to my script writing skillz!!

Happy Decorating 

Images via House of Turquoise