Try It Tuesday: Small Bulliten Board Covered with My Favorite Shirt

I’m Sharing My Small Weekend DIY Project

I decided to start working on some of the small things that I’ve wanted to do, but just didn’t feel inspired to tackle. This past weekend while I was sitting and watching the Live Well Network, I found the time and the drive

So, we’re looking at this pathetic little bulletin board that just hangs all by itself on my bare wall. I’ve wanted to cover it for a while now, and didn’t know what to cover it with. I got the idea to use my shirt because it’s my favorite, and because the collar is no longer bright white (the way that I like it to be). Throwing it out was not an option, so I decided to put it somewhere where I could always see it.

My Plain old board before.

My daughter helped out a bit. I didn’t have any of the proper tools, so I just used my tried and trusted go-to tools: push pins and tape! Taking the board apart was easy. I just removed the screws from the back and removed the board from the frame. Once that was done, I cut the shirt to see how it would fit. 

Madison, the helper 🙂

When we finally finished, I wasn’t all that satisfied at first. But as I continued to look at the board, it grew on me The lighting in my room is really bad, so this definitely isn’t the brightest picture. I like how the areas where the sleeves once were now serve as pockets. That’s handy for storing small pieces of mail and other important stuff you want to keep up with.  I had an old necklace that I don’t wear because I lost the earrings, so I decided to put that around the collar. 

The finished product (really bad lighting)

So, when you look at that area from afar, you can see how the board helps out the space a lot. Also, it now matches the chair pads for the lunch area. This whole space  is the attic suite that we turned into a mini studio apartment for my husband and I. There are a lot of areas to decorate, and this is one that I wanted to start with-mainly because I don’t plan to do much over here

The wall looks much better to me now 🙂

This didn’t take long at all. The hardest part was cutting the fabric with dull scissors!!! I’m looking at doing a few more things this weekend, and I’ll share the details next Tuesday (and try to take care of that lighting problem.) Here’s a little collage of the pics. I have more, but there was really no need to add all that. 

Just a little collage of pics-before and after.

So, that’s it for Try It Tuesday!

Thanks for reading!!

Refinishing My Hardwood Floors: Part 1

The upstairs hallway

My house is old.

In 2017, we will celebrate its 100th birthday and while I would love to brag about its pristine condition, I dare not tell a lie!

We’ve been in renovation mode for the past 8 years and have now decided its time to refinish the old hardwood floors on the second floor. Now, if you’ve ever had to fix old hardwood floors, you know what type of challenge I’m in for 

The downstairs floors (refinished a few years ago

 We completed the first floor a few years ago, and they turned out a lot better than I had hoped, so I’m anticipating pretty good results with this project as well.

So far, we’ve removed the carpet and padding, and the nails and most of the staples. The hardest part was keeping Adam and Eve (our puppies) out of the rubble!

Laminate floors in the master suite

Over the next few days, we will begin sanding and staining the four bedrooms and the hallway. I have to admit, I was pretty tempted to just slap some nice wood laminate flooring down and call it a day. That’s a very easy project and wood laminate flooring is easy to take care of (we actually put it in our “attic-turned-master suite). But at the end of the day, restoration won!

So let the project begin!

I’ll post progress as well as a full step by step guide once its completed.

Have you ever had to fix old hardwood floors? I would love to hear from you!

Wish me luck!