DIY Concrete Kitchen Counter Project-Web Snippet

I’ve seen a few TV shows and watched people make their own DIY concrete counter tops. I think they’re economical, but I don’t know if I can take on a project like that-at least not yet. This one is perfect for the space, and it looks so professional! What about you-would you or have you taken on a project like this?

Happy Decorating!

See the entire before and after(complete  with instructions) now!

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DIY Interior Design Ideas: 5 Fresh Room Designs for the New Year

It’s the New Year and you’re pumped about your new DIY interior design ideas. You’ve got paint colors selected, window treatments and furniture on the wish list, home craft projects planned out and a roadmap to saving all the money you need to get these things done. You’ve thought of everything-or have you?

Here are 5 Fresh Designs for the New Year that will surely shake up your plans!

Happily Natural Design

Modern Living Room design by San Francisco Architect Schwartz and Architecture

A set of wheels and a tree trunk never looked so inviting! Browsing, I found this great picture and thought of how this would make a great DIY project. Now, you may not have tree trunks readily available to you, but I guarantee you that you can find them on the internet. In fact, I’ve taken the liberty of finding a place for you. has a variety of tree selections available. The wheels can be purchased at a hardware store or somewhere locally.

How about the bird pics? I thought they were pretty cool too. One of the neatest DIY Interior Design Ideas so far, right??

The Wonders of Shelving

Eclectic Living Room design by Portland Interior Designer Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.

Adding shelves to a bare wall is the prefect way to design a space and truly make it your own. Adorn it with pictures of the family, or DIY craft projects that you created. Throw in a chair and you’ve got a serene area to do all of your thinking, dreaming and reading.

In case you don’t get out often, you can find shelves at any home improvement store, and if you know me, you already know I’m going to send you to the Home Depot. It’s my favorite home improvement place to shop.

Buy Plenty of Canvas Photos!

Eclectic Living Room design by Other Metro Media And Blogs Michelle Hinckley

While I used to be a huge fan of decorative picture frames wrapping themselves around our nice glossy 4×6 family pictures, I must say that I’ve replaced that with a love for canvas photos. They add a natural look to the room that says volumes without even trying.

There are several photo companies that will take your pics and create a canvas masterpiece for your walls. My favorite is Their prices are affordable and their software helps you select the best canvas type based on your photo resolution.

Give Fido a Feeding Station

Eclectic Kitchen design by Boston Kitchen And Bath Artisan Kitchens LLC

OK, this one comes from my love of dogs! This idea of a built in dog feeding station is definitely on my list of keeper DIY interior design ideas. And with the right tools and carpentry skills, you can do this one on your own. (Or at least with a little help)

Definitely a Design Statement!

Eclectic Bathroom design by Atlanta Architect Peace Design

These license plates make the perfect wall covering for this quaint little bathroom. You could easily do something similar to this, and here’s where to get tons of license plates

That’s a wrap for my list of fresh DIY Interior design ideas for now. What do you think? I would love your input. And if you have any ideas that you want featured on this site, just email me at [email protected]

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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing: Why You Should Try It

If your kitchen is ugly, then you more than likely need to update it.

This can be accomplished with kitchen cabinet refacing. Now, I know the job sounds difficult, but it really requires more of your time that is does skill.

If you want to know whether or not you’re a good candidate, I’m going to send you here to check out the page on kitchen cabinet refacing. This blog post is strictly to tell you why you should try it.

Save Thousands of Dollars

First off, refacing instead of replacing your kitchen cabinets will save you thousands of dollars. The extra money can be spent on updating the floors, counters, backsplash or some other ugly area in your kitchen. You could also use the money to buy much needed accessories (like organizers for those messy kitchen drawers)

Painting Your Cabinets is Fun

The second reason you should try kitchen cabinet refacing is because it’s fun! Now, if you’re the person that doesn’t like painting or for some reason your hands shake, don’t do this. But for everyone else, definitely give it a go! The only thing you need to remember is that you should paint in the same direction as the grain of the wood. You will also enjoy creating and having an active hand in your home improvement projects. When friends visit, you can show off your skillz (yes, I said skillz) and be proud of your accomplishments.

Lots of Experience

As a homeowner, you need DIY experience! Kitchen cabinet refacing is a great project to get your feet wet in designing and remodeling without having to pull out the heavy duty power tools (although you may want to use an electric drill to remove the cabinets from the hinges and to remove the hardware from the cabinets) As you began to tackle these types of projects on your own, you will feel more empowered to finish other areas of the house.

Ask the Pros

I know I made this sound easy, but trust me, it is. Time, patience and a steady hand are all that you really need for a kitchen cabinet refacing project (and good weather so you can let the cabinet doors dry outside.) We have a page that gets a bit more into detail on this subject and I suggest that you visit it. Also, visit your local Home Depot (I recommend them because that’s where I shop for all my DIY supplies) and ask the sales reps about how to handle the project. They are always helpful and give great advice!

As always, I would love to check out your project. Please send before, during and after pics of your progress and I will post them on the site.  You can email them to [email protected]

Until next time…