DIY Interior Design Ideas: Don’t Sleep on Pink

Ok, before I saw these pics, the thought of a pink room never crossed my mind. I’m not the “frilly” type, but more of a blur collar, rugged girl (I’m a Detroiter). I’m glad to be able to add pink paint to my list of DIY interior design ideas. Hopefully you guys will like these too.

Pink Elegance

Eclectic Living Room design by Boston Interior Designer MANDARINA STUDIO interior design

This is a beautiful room! It’s elegant and definitely full of ideas that you can implement in your own pink space. I think the dark woods on the molding and furniture help to bring this room together. I also like that there are several shades of pink in the room.
How about that rug-are you feeling that? I love it!

A Room for a Queen

Eclectic Bedroom design by Los Angeles Interior Designer Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design

OK, how much would you pay to stay in a hotel room decked out like this one? What a splendid way to use pink paint. Besides the beautiful wall mural, the next best trophy in this room is the crown molding. It works in every way and gives the space a royal feeling. This is a look that can definitely be achieved at home.
What about that bed? I’m really feeling the headboard.

An Eclectic Dream

Spaces design

What a charming, eclectic space. This room says “Welcome to my humble abode. May some of my creativity and style wear off on you as you exit.”
I was trying to stay focused on the color of the walls, but my eye kept wandering over to the fireplace. Those look like plates .
What do you feel about the room? Is it too much for you, or does the design fit you in every way? I really like the furniture. It seems to bring all the pieces together.

Such a Lively Pink

Traditional Living Room design by St Louis Interior Designer Joni Spear Interior Design

This room is full of life! I like the deeper pink and the way it works with the rest of the colors in the room. This is on my list of DIY interior design ideas that I would try with a sitting room. It doesn’t look terribly hard to accomplish. The built-ins could be replaced with individual wall shelves or a tall book shelf.

Doesn’t Get Any Better than This

Eclectic Home Office design by New York Photographer Rikki Snyder

I love this room! It speaks volumes about the person that tolls away at the sewing machine (I’m jealous because I never learned to sew) and has an almost “powerful” look to it. I would definitely assume that the person that works in here doesn’t take any B.S.

From the storage area, to the wainscoting, to the wall paper, everything blends together perfectly! Kudos to Rikki Snyder

So, that concludes my pink review (for now anyway). Do any of these rooms spark your inspiration? My DIY interior design ideas list just got a tad bit longer.

Leave comments! I would love to hear from you!

Until next time…

Office Interior Design Ideas

Office Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces

If your space is small, or if you just get a bit fluxed about decorating your workspace, I feel you! Finding office interior design ideas can be a challenge, especially if you hate the space that you already work in. You want it to be functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Great Organizational Ideas!

What I like about this space is that it shows you how you can organize your office space without taking away from the personal touch that you want to add. Everything from the storage bins to the wall boards add character to this very small space. This is definitely one of the office interior design ideas I could learn from

Large Office Interior Design Ideas

Ok, if you’ve got an entire room that you can dedicate to your office space, you may want to look at a design that offers lots of storage and “wiggle room”. This is one of the more simple office interior design ideas that I’ve ran across, and yet it makes a big statement. Professional, organized and ready to work! I like it.

I want to sit in this room and create a fashion magazine cover!

This space has “The Devil Wears Prada” written all over it. Its another great design idea for people with an entire room to dedicate to their office space. Looking closely, it wouldn’t be too hard to duplicate this look. How about it? Would you try it?

 Where Do I Start?

I LOVE this space! It has the creative feel that makes you want to sit down and get to work. The elements of the office design that I think are really fun and unique includes the chair and the rug. I could also see this as something that could be done without professional help, (as long as you know how to hang cabinets)

Wrap Up

There are soo many different ways to approach your workspace design. These are only a fraction of the office interior design ideas that I ran across when writing this post. Because there are so many, I will do another one of these soon. I also want to show some of the accessories that you can use in your space as well!

Comments, comments comments! And share your pics with me as well. As soon as we get a few, I’ll create a page to share them with everyone!

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