Mega Monday: 10 Beautiful Colors for Any Room in Your Home

Room #1: Lively Colorful Kitchen

Image via

How about this one?

The colors are fun and lively, and I could just cook in this kitchen all day (which would be a first considering my husband does all the cooking). I like the way the designer mismatched the cabinetry. The glass tile backsplash is also cool. It reminds me of another post that had a darker colored glass tile backsplash. 

The orange bar stools work perfect in the room, and who doesn’t love a big bowl of green apples??

Great room. What do you guys think?

Room#2: Colorful Kids Space

Eclectic Kids by Amsterdam Media & Bloggers Holly Marder

I bet my 6 year old would have a fit in this room-but I know she wouldn’t keep it clean 

The swing is just too adorable, and I really like the shelves. They’re high enough for parents to put stuff away and not worry about kids taking the stuff out and leaving it on the floor. Those high shelves would be a great place for blocks-wink

The tree wall decal is perfect in the space, as is the lighting.Lively room for an adorable kid (that will keep their toys picked up.)

You agree?

Room#3: Orange Cheery Accessories

Eclectic Bedroom by Los Angeles Interior Designers & Decorators betsy burnham

Orange is a great color to pair with any neutral toned room. The accessories give this space all of its character, and that’s pretty cool because you can always create a “new character” by switching out the small things.

 I wish we could see more of the bed and the headboard. The lamp is cute. 

Would you use orange accessories in any of your spaces?

Room#4: Simple. Colorful and Free

Eclectic Living Room by Athens Photographers Corynne Pless

This room makes me want to just flop on the couch and play family games. It’s very inviting and airy. I’m really feeling the colors and the art. I also noticed that there’s plenty of seating in this space as well. 

Looking past this room into the second seating area, I couldn’t help but notice the trunk being used as a table. I love when I see that in designs. Makes me want to find an old trunk somewhere

Are you feeling this room?

Room#5: Eclectic Masterpiece

Eclectic Living Room by Omaha Interior Designers & Decorators Birdhouse Interior Design

I’ve always been a big fan of wall art-and this room has a lot of it. It’s definitely an eclectic room that does a great job of offering a warm feeling. I like that the frames are all different sizes and shapes. The sofa is a hodge podge of color and fabrics, and there’s no real defining space. Every little area has something to offer, making the entire room the focal point. 

I see that the designer has anchored the couches with lamps and tables on each end. 

Nice job here

Room#6: Beautiful, Warm and Colorful

Traditional Living Room by New York Interior Designers & Decorators Kim Parker Interiors

The first thing that I noticed about this room is the space. It’s pretty big and has plenty of seating. Without the colors, this space wouldn’t be as inviting as it is. The rug does a great job tying together the pieces in the rest of the room, and I also noticed that there’s no shortage of lighting.

 This is definitely an inspirational space, and a good example of how you can use many different colors in a room and create  beautiful look.

  Love it How about you?

Room#7: Modern, Colorful and Fun

Contemporary Living Room by Huntington Interior Designers & Decorators Eileen Kathryn Boyd Interiors

Loads of color on top of a neutral palette and clean lines makes for the prefect space. This modern room is really inviting and fresh. Kind of reminds you of a place where you can go and sip a glass of wine and write a book.

The animal print on the sides of the chair and on the pillow add a funky feel to the space. The green is a vivacious color and just seems to bring the whole room together. 

You know I’m a fan of orange, and it matches well in this space. Love the table and the wall art. This is one of my favorites today.

Room#8: Welcome Home- Beautiful

Traditional Family Room by Gastonia Interior Designers & Decorators Nancy Taylor Lynch Interior Design, Inc.

Lovely, colorful and inviting. That’s pretty much all I can say about this one. There are so many things to look at and oodles of color to take in. 

Can I just have the dog?? It’s too cute and makes the picture that much more interesting, The colors in the rug seem to pick up on the patters in the pillows and chairs. I think the designer has done an excellent job showing how a room can be playful and functional at the same time. 

Room#9: Just Fabulous 

Traditional Bedroom by Chicago Home Builders Schumacher Homes

Care for a nap?

Everything about this room screams comfort and great attention to detail. The pictures above the bed are perfectly scaled, and the bedside lamps and tables fit well. I like the miss matched pillows on the bed, and the overall color of the room. Of course, the highlight is the ceiling-it’s gorgeous!!  Can I just say that I could never convince my husband to use all those different colors

Beautiful, colorful space. Im really happy to share this one. 

Room#10: Cool, Calm and Colorful

Traditional Living Room by Austin Architects & Designers Mary DeWalt Design Group

There’s that green again

OK. The view is definitely a plus for this room. The green gives it some life while the blue and beige adds a calming atmosphere. Th floor plan o open, which makes it easy for people in the different spaces to communicate freely. I think I like the chairs more than the couches, but I appreciate the couches because of the chairs. To me, this room is perfect in every way. Hats off to the designers here. 

So, that’s it for Mega Monday. Which room is your favorite? Would you be so kind and take the poll below?

Feature Friday: Check out DIY Showoff

It’s Friday! Woot Woot

Time to kick back and relax (and get ready for that Saturday DIY project you’ve been putting off all week)

I’m doing something different on Fridays, and I call it Feature Friday. This day is all about highlighting a super cool DIY blogger that has some great tips and inspiration to offer.

Raise the Roof for Roeshel at DIY Showoff

The Feature Friday heavyweight champion belt winner this week goes to Roeshel, over at DIY Showoff. Her website goes in depth with projects and inspirational pics that I think we all can learn a thing or two from. She also posted a home video showing all of the things that she’s done to her home thus far. Love every room


The family room pics (featured in this post)are what captured my attention. The room is colorful and airy, and cheerful, and fun. If this is your style, you should definitely head over to the blog.

I found the website while browsing ideas for my own living room makeover (which I’ll start on in a few weeks) and thought hmm, this looks cool. I’m glad I followed my first mind 

 Roeshel has built a community of readers that are always eager to see what she’s working on next. Her blog has been featured in several publications including House Beautiful, This Old House and Martha Stewart Living.

Anywho, it’s a great inspirational blog and she seems like a great gal. Let’s keep our eyes and ears posted to DIYShowoff and see what Roeshel comes up with next!

And, after you visit, come back and let me know what you think J

Happy Decorating

Easy Home Crafts-Wood is All Good!

This week I wanted to focus on different types of easy home crafts because I’m about to redecorate a few rooms in the house and I need something different. As I poked around the internet, I found a lot of inspiration using wood blocks. Here are some of my favorites.

Wooden Block Messages

Picture via

I thought this was absolutely beautiful. I don’t know if I like the letters more than the pictures or vice versa. I’ve included the website so that you guys can take a look, but overall I don’t think that this would be too hard to achieve. Your materials would probably include some stencils and paint, clear glue for the pics and a matte finish for the picture blocks.

Wooden Block Headboard Bed Wall

Picture via

So, what do you think about this? Definitely something I would consider and it falls under the easy home crafts category. Who knew a bunch of wood blocks and stain could make a wall look so damn cool! I know my husband won’t let me do this to the bedroom wall, but I can dream can’t I? This reminds me of the modern look that you get when you add wood laminate flooring to the walls. Pretty cool, eh?

Wood Block Pallet Table

Picture via

So glad I found this one! I think the rustic look is fabulous and luckily the designer has plenty of information (including more pics) about the piece on their website. I like the fact that it’s recycled wood and that you can stain each block any color that you want. This would make a great indoor or outdoor table. It doesn’t quite fit the décor in my home, but I love it anyway! What do you think-easy home crafts category or not? Be sure to visit the site.

Wood Block Wall Art

Picture via

Here’s another one that makes me want to run to Home Depot and get started. I love all the different colors of the blocks and they all seem to have their own voice.  The project could be done on a large or small scale, depending on how large the wall space is that you’re trying to fill. I think that this would look good right above a sofa or  above the fireplace mantel.

Picture via

I had to include this one. It was also featured on, and it gives me plenty of design inspiration. I although this fits the easy home crafts category, I would be careful to mix and match colors that I know would look well with the rest of the décor, especially if you’re on a tight budget. You wouldn’t want to have to buy your wood decorating blocks twice!

 I’m so glad I poked around today. I saw a few more things that I wanted to add, but I can save those for another post. There were my favorites.

So, how did I do? If you have any experience working with wood decorating blocks, I would love to hear from you. Perhaps you could share your knowledge and help the rest of us create something beautiful!!

Until next time…

DIY Interior Design Ideas: Don’t Sleep on Pink

Ok, before I saw these pics, the thought of a pink room never crossed my mind. I’m not the “frilly” type, but more of a blur collar, rugged girl (I’m a Detroiter). I’m glad to be able to add pink paint to my list of DIY interior design ideas. Hopefully you guys will like these too.

Pink Elegance

Eclectic Living Room design by Boston Interior Designer MANDARINA STUDIO interior design

This is a beautiful room! It’s elegant and definitely full of ideas that you can implement in your own pink space. I think the dark woods on the molding and furniture help to bring this room together. I also like that there are several shades of pink in the room.
How about that rug-are you feeling that? I love it!

A Room for a Queen

Eclectic Bedroom design by Los Angeles Interior Designer Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design

OK, how much would you pay to stay in a hotel room decked out like this one? What a splendid way to use pink paint. Besides the beautiful wall mural, the next best trophy in this room is the crown molding. It works in every way and gives the space a royal feeling. This is a look that can definitely be achieved at home.
What about that bed? I’m really feeling the headboard.

An Eclectic Dream

Spaces design

What a charming, eclectic space. This room says “Welcome to my humble abode. May some of my creativity and style wear off on you as you exit.”
I was trying to stay focused on the color of the walls, but my eye kept wandering over to the fireplace. Those look like plates .
What do you feel about the room? Is it too much for you, or does the design fit you in every way? I really like the furniture. It seems to bring all the pieces together.

Such a Lively Pink

Traditional Living Room design by St Louis Interior Designer Joni Spear Interior Design

This room is full of life! I like the deeper pink and the way it works with the rest of the colors in the room. This is on my list of DIY interior design ideas that I would try with a sitting room. It doesn’t look terribly hard to accomplish. The built-ins could be replaced with individual wall shelves or a tall book shelf.

Doesn’t Get Any Better than This

Eclectic Home Office design by New York Photographer Rikki Snyder

I love this room! It speaks volumes about the person that tolls away at the sewing machine (I’m jealous because I never learned to sew) and has an almost “powerful” look to it. I would definitely assume that the person that works in here doesn’t take any B.S.

From the storage area, to the wainscoting, to the wall paper, everything blends together perfectly! Kudos to Rikki Snyder

So, that concludes my pink review (for now anyway). Do any of these rooms spark your inspiration? My DIY interior design ideas list just got a tad bit longer.

Leave comments! I would love to hear from you!

Until next time…

DIY Interior Design Ideas: 5 Fresh Room Designs for the New Year

It’s the New Year and you’re pumped about your new DIY interior design ideas. You’ve got paint colors selected, window treatments and furniture on the wish list, home craft projects planned out and a roadmap to saving all the money you need to get these things done. You’ve thought of everything-or have you?

Here are 5 Fresh Designs for the New Year that will surely shake up your plans!

Happily Natural Design

Modern Living Room design by San Francisco Architect Schwartz and Architecture

A set of wheels and a tree trunk never looked so inviting! Browsing, I found this great picture and thought of how this would make a great DIY project. Now, you may not have tree trunks readily available to you, but I guarantee you that you can find them on the internet. In fact, I’ve taken the liberty of finding a place for you. has a variety of tree selections available. The wheels can be purchased at a hardware store or somewhere locally.

How about the bird pics? I thought they were pretty cool too. One of the neatest DIY Interior Design Ideas so far, right??

The Wonders of Shelving

Eclectic Living Room design by Portland Interior Designer Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.

Adding shelves to a bare wall is the prefect way to design a space and truly make it your own. Adorn it with pictures of the family, or DIY craft projects that you created. Throw in a chair and you’ve got a serene area to do all of your thinking, dreaming and reading.

In case you don’t get out often, you can find shelves at any home improvement store, and if you know me, you already know I’m going to send you to the Home Depot. It’s my favorite home improvement place to shop.

Buy Plenty of Canvas Photos!

Eclectic Living Room design by Other Metro Media And Blogs Michelle Hinckley

While I used to be a huge fan of decorative picture frames wrapping themselves around our nice glossy 4×6 family pictures, I must say that I’ve replaced that with a love for canvas photos. They add a natural look to the room that says volumes without even trying.

There are several photo companies that will take your pics and create a canvas masterpiece for your walls. My favorite is Their prices are affordable and their software helps you select the best canvas type based on your photo resolution.

Give Fido a Feeding Station

Eclectic Kitchen design by Boston Kitchen And Bath Artisan Kitchens LLC

OK, this one comes from my love of dogs! This idea of a built in dog feeding station is definitely on my list of keeper DIY interior design ideas. And with the right tools and carpentry skills, you can do this one on your own. (Or at least with a little help)

Definitely a Design Statement!

Eclectic Bathroom design by Atlanta Architect Peace Design

These license plates make the perfect wall covering for this quaint little bathroom. You could easily do something similar to this, and here’s where to get tons of license plates

That’s a wrap for my list of fresh DIY Interior design ideas for now. What do you think? I would love your input. And if you have any ideas that you want featured on this site, just email me at [email protected]

Until next time…

Outdoor Deck Designs

Simple, Casual Style

I know. This is the second post on outdoor deck designs, but I couldn’t help but show you what I found. 

This picture does a great job of showing how to seamlessly blend in wood and brick. It was done so well that you can barely notice the difference between the two. This is a simple, easy design to care for and it looks causal and inviting. Well done Arcadia Gardens!

Traditional, Cozy, Welcoming Design

This is my favorite! Its one of the outdoor deck designs that says “welcome home!” From the flowers, to the rug, to the beautiful but cozy furniture, this one is laid out very nicely. Check out the next pic from a different angle.

Modern, Design with Comfortable Feel

I’m not a big fan of “stuffy”, you know, the look that says “don’t sit here” and “never touch that”. And many modern/contemporary themes are designed along those lines. This is totally opposite.

The straight lines and furniture help give it the modern feel, but the accessories and flowers do a great job of making this a casual, chilled out appeal. One of the nicer outdoor deck designs that I’ve seen.

Tranquil, Personal Outdoor Deck Design

Not a lot in terms of accessories here, but this is a simple, beautiful deck. It sits at least 4 feet off the ground and the railing system is awesome! This is a great example of how outdoor deck designs can be clean and inviting.

Creative Use of Space

Love this one! Even though the deck is very wide, the designer did a great job of making it look very inviting. And notice how they built around the tree. Its gives this space a much more personal feeling. Its simple, but has a creative flair to it. Mixing the bricks with the wood was a great idea!

How did I do this time? I hope you’ll be able to look at these outdoor deck designs and come up with a solution for your DIY outdoor deck project. You may not have the actual structure laid out like the pics, but there is plenty of inspiration leaping from the work of these design firms.

Thanks for reading, and as always, leave comments. I like to know what you’re thinking!

Until next time…

Outdoor Deck Design Ideas: 5 Decks to Inspire You

Do you have an outdoor deck? If not, you’re in luck. You get to view these outdoor deck design ideas before you build (as its always easier to start from scratch than to change the actual structure of a deck.)

If you already have a deck in place, you can still read on  There’s plenty of inspiration to go around.

Let’s get inspired!

Rustic and Modern!

This one is really rustic, yet is has a modern look  to it.

I live in Detroit, so there’s no resting on the lake (although we do have a beautiful riverfront)I can, however, see myself using some of the outdoor deck design ideas implemented like the candles, tree stump table and the wood burning stove. What design elements do you like here? What about the overall layout of the deck? I definitely like the built in benches 

Simple and Tranquil

Sometimes less is more.Now, this is a pretty large deck, but the design is simple. I like the fact that they used a metal railing system to add the modern touch. Overall, this outdoor deck design is perfect for someone that wants simple and tranquil. What do you think?

Easy Breezy Beautiful Deck Tiles

Deck tiles are really easy to install and have a look of their own! If you have a concrete area that you want to spruce up, this would definitely be the way to go (of course, you could paint the concrete, but that’s a different blog post)

This picture doesn’t do much for accessory design inspiration, but this is definitely one of the outdoor deck design ideas I wanted to show you. Have you seen these before and if not, would you try them? I want to do something like this to my moms yard. She doesn’t have a large space for a deck, but she has a concrete pad that perfect for deck tiles.

Beautiful Stone Deck

I know this isn’t wood, buts this outdoor deck design is really cozy! Some people don’t care for wood decks because of the upkeep involved. I wanted to show an alternative that has just as much style and character as wood.

This is definitely something I would do to my yard if I didn’t already have a wood deck. The layout is pretty functional as well! What do you think?

How did I do? Honestly. Did you see something here that you could see yourself incorporating into your own space? I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time…