Beautiful Light Springy White Room-Web Snippet

This room is just gorgeous! I love the walls and the soft colors. I could write in this space all day. How about this one for some serious DIY design inspiration!! 

Happy Decorating! Image via Houzz

Clean and Crisp DIY Interior Design Inspiration-Web Snippet

These rooms are crisp and clean! I  don’t particularly care for white walls, (as I’m sure you have read) but this really makes me look at the color white differently. What do you think? Are you a fan of white, and if not, would you try this? I think this is a great DIY inspiration space

Happy Decorating!

Images via Design Milk

Clean and Crisp DIY Interior Design Inspiration-Web Snippet

These rooms are crisp and clean! I  don’t particularly care for white walls, (as I’m sure you have read) but this really makes me look at the color white differently. What do you think? Are you a fan of white, and if not, would you try this? I think this is a great DIY inspiration space 

Happy Decorating!

Images via Design Milk

Could This Be the Real Grayson Manor-Web Snippet

Emily pulls Nolan into this tiny powder room to give him the name of the next person on her hit list. She has to hurry because Victoria and Daniel are awaiting her presence at the dinner table.

Feeling desperate and alone, Victoria sulks in the tub, numb by the death of her son Patrick, who was killed by a bullet from Charlotte’s secret weapon.

Daniel stares into the lake, and ponders on how he can break the news to his family that he’s now the new leader of the Initiative. The first task is to get rid of Conrad Grayson once and for all.

OK, so this is not the Grayson Manor, but it sure as hell looks like it 

I just LOVE House of Turquoise! Thank you for sharing these awesome designs by Jules Duffy

The rooms are so flawless, like  a space you could picture Victoria Grayson sitting in!!! (shout out to Revenge on ABC) I think my favorite is the bathroom. It’s so elegant and clean! And what about the view?? 

Beautiful all the way around. Could you see yourself in any of these spaces? How about recreating one of these on a dime?

And shout out to my script writing skillz!!

Happy Decorating 

Images via House of Turquoise

Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas: Lighting Inspiration

Classic Lighting Design Theme

Thanks to the internet, most kids today don’t do their homework at the kitchen table. They do it in their bedrooms. Because of this, its your job to make sure that the lighting is sufficient, as well as cool.

Adding “special” lighting may be the last thing on your to do list, but its equally important as everything else.

To make it easier on you, here are a few bedroom decorating ideas that pertain specifically to lighting 

Cool and Funky Look for Teens or Younger Kids

This cool, funky chandelier would look fabulous in a girls room.  And actually, it could go in a younger girls room or in a teenagers room. The neat part about this piece is that is has so many different colors. It definitely would be easy match this with any type of accessories.

So, is this one of the kids bedroom decorating ideas that you could go with?

Chandeliers design by Etsy

OK, this one really caught my eye.

Its a light, basically made of test tubes. The colorful liquid makes this a perfect fit for a kids room.

It makes a statement and will probably last a while as long as there’s no throwing going on in the room. I could see myself adding this to my 5 year olds space. Truly an interesting kids bedroom decorating idea, don’t ya think?

Sassy, Girlie All the Way

This one reminds me of a Barbie Disco Ball! Its really cute and would accent any girls room. And again, because of the colors, its would be really easy to accessorize and add bedding that matches well. Not a bad kids bedroom decorating idea at all!

Rustic Nautical Theme

This light sort of reminds me of a lighthouse! It has a nautical themed look that would go perfect in a boys room.

String Lighting-Alternative to the Classic Night Light

Last but definitely not least are these cute string lights. They can go around the door frame to create a lighted entrance, or anywhere where your kids just wants to see light. They are perfect for creating nighttime lighting without using a traditional plug in night light. Again, this is a cool kids bedroom decorating idea!

Your Thoughts

What do you think about my pics? I definitely want do do something else on this topic because I found a lot of cool pieces that would work great as unisex lighting. Found some other interesting articles on kids bedroom decorating ideas. Check them out below!

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Wall Decal Designs:Add Character to Your Bedroom with a Wall Decal

Decorating your bedroom walls can be a hassle, especially if you have to paint the room a different color. There are other ways to add style to the room without the use of paint, drop cloths and rollers. A wall decal could be the answer to your bedroom wall decorating needs, and they are fun and easy to apply!

Analyze the Design Theme and the Wall Space

The first thing you should do before you even think about ordering a wall decal is figure out where you want to put it. Take a look around the room and see what wall space is available. You may have a few outdated pictures that you would gladly remove to open up a bit of space. Also, look at the other items in the bedroom. What design style are they? If you have a traditional space, you should carry that design theme with your wall decal. Modern, contemporary rooms are great places to add spice with wall stickers.

Measure the Wall Space

After you decide where to put your bedroom wall decal, the next thing you will need to do is measure the space. Decals come in many different sizes, and you want the wall sticker to be proportionate with the wall itself. Some people actually order their decals to cover an entire wall! The choices in terms of size are endless. You just need to measure first.

Quotes or Pictures?

Do you have a favorite saying? Perhaps you would want to see it on the wall instead of a picture. Your decal should represent your distinguished style and taste. There are no wrong or right choices when it comes to decorating your personal space. Quotes and sayings offer a very personal feeling to any area and are wildly popular in bedroom interior designs.

Kids Wall Decals

When using a wall decal in a kid’s room, you should stick with the same design principals. Make sure the decal fits the overall style of the room and try to include the child in the design process as much as possible. Let them pick the decals (with your guidance) and allow them to place them on the walls. The cool thing about wall stickers is that they can be removed and replaced in an instant. Any kid would love to decorate their bedroom with kids wall decals,

By taking a few minutes to analyze and measure your bedroom, you can certainly create a space that belongs to you and only you! A wall decal is the perfect way to change the look of any space without breaking the bank or getting paint all over the place. They are super easy to apply and fun to customize!

So, when are you going to dress up those boring bedroom walls with a fun wall decal?

Until next time…

Interior Paint Color Ideas: Is Black the Color for You?

I got a phone call from a friend a yesterday and she wanted to know if she should paint a room black.

I told her that there are certainly some spaces where black would be appropriate (like a home theater room) and that she should paint the room whatever color she wanted to. After listening to her go back and forth about her decision, I told her that I would find some pics of black rooms so that she would have a better idea of what types of design themes she should go with. I have them posted here for your review as well.

After talking with her, I felt compelled to let people know that there is no right or wrong interior paint color idea. You can and should paint the room in the colors that you like. Once you do that, then the decorating and designing of the individual space should occur. There are colorful accessories that will make any room shine no matter how dark or light it is.

Image via

So, let’s be clear. It’s your house and you should do whatever you like. Now, with that being said, I also feel inclined to tell you that you may have a hell of a time painting a light color over the black paint if you decide to change the color. But even that’s a small issue, as there are many different commercial primers available at Home Depot and other home improvement stores that will do the job just fine. Also, you may want to have a black accent wall instead of painting the entire room black (I also mentioned this to my friend) Accent walls add bursts of color without taking away from the other elements in the space.

Whatever you decide, I would love to see pics so please send them to [email protected]

Until  next time…

Ethnic Home Decorations

You Can Design an Ethnic Room!

I know a lot of people that want to furnish their homes with ethnic interior décor, but they just don’t know how. If you’re of any other ethnicity other than the one you’re trying to capture in your space, I can totally see how that becomes a problem!

I was asked in particular about African inspired home décor, so I will focus on that in this post. Ethnic home decorations are easy to find and most stores carry them. Now, depending on how much you want to inject that particular theme into your room, you could go with several choices.


African inspired artifacts are a great way to add ethnic interior décor into your space. These types of items can be found online, or in a department store. Now, of course, if you purchase them this way you must know that they are “inspired” and not real.

Swap meets and craft fairs also have a fair share of ethnic home decorations. Many of the people that run these stands are actually from Africa and other foreign countries. Their work is normally exceptional, and the colors and always fabulous.

Wall Décor

Some stores (and flea markets) carry wall décor that looks really authentic and gives the room a real ethnic feel.

You should try to select various different types of wall décor, not just pictures. This will make the room more interesting and help you avoid the “cluttered” look.

Whether you decide to use small figurines or large pieces for decoration, make sure the ethnic interior theme is carried throughout the room. Some people try to mix different themes and it ends up looking like a circus. If you want an African inspired room, stick with products that are of that nature. You will have a much better chance of achieving the look you want this way than if you just threw all sorts of pieces together.

Select your design accessories carefully, and remember that you have access to some really great ethnic home decorations right here through The $20 Gift Company!

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Decorating a Living Room: 5 Accent Pieces You Must Have

Decorating a living room can be a blast, as long as you have the right pieces to add.

Now, I’m going to keep this short but there are five accent pieces that you cannot do without when decorating your space. So without further ado, let’s get right into this!

1. Throw Pillows

Your sofa may look a tad bit pathetic if you don’t have the right throw pillows. They don’t have to be anything fancy, but please don’t get them the same exact color as the couch. Also, if you have nice pillows you may just want to reupholster them and give them a good sprucing up. Adding extra cushion and a few buttons here and there make a big difference.

Check out these throw pillows that I found on I don’t know if they are your taste, but I could definitely see myself lounging on these puppies!

2. Lamps

A nice lamp will do wonders for a boring design. It doesn’t matter if the lamp is tall or short; if it sits on the floor or on a table. The only thing that matters is that it’s there and that you place it in an area  where it will be seen and get some respect! Decorating a living room without lamps is like preparing a cake with no batter.(Ok,I know that was a bit dramatic, but you get my point!)

Here are a few suggestions again, from my favorite place, Amazon. Oh, and if you click on the pictures, you’ll go straight to the store.

3. Vases

No, you don’t have to be into flowers to have a collection of beautiful vases. These little beauties come in all different shapes and sizes. You should be able to find some to fit any décor or budget. A dusty old table can be brought to life with a new vase, and so could a shelf or mantle piece. These make decorating a living room way too easy!

More favs from Amazon!

4. Small Table

You don’t need a large table to decorate your living room. Find a piece that could fit in a corner, or something that could be used as a small cocktail table. End tables work great in smaller living rooms. You don’t want to add too much, but just enough to be comfortable and entertain with ease. Ottomans could also do the trick (just make sure the color isn’t too light)

Check out these tables…


5. Wall Art

I know you didn’t think I was going to recommend you decorate a room without something on the walls???You could go with bare windows, but the walls definitely need something to make them pop! Pictures or wall decals would work fine, just as long as they accent the theme of the room. This is my last suggestion, but its definitely not the least. If you want your living room to say “Look at Me” definitely put something on the walls.

More inspiration….

One more thing about the wall art. I am a HUGE fan of wall decals (as you can see I have an entire page dedicated to it.) So be sure to check it out if you want more wall art inspiration!

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