Try It Tuesday: Small Bulliten Board Covered with My Favorite Shirt

I’m Sharing My Small Weekend DIY Project

I decided to start working on some of the small things that I’ve wanted to do, but just didn’t feel inspired to tackle. This past weekend while I was sitting and watching the Live Well Network, I found the time and the drive

So, we’re looking at this pathetic little bulletin board that just hangs all by itself on my bare wall. I’ve wanted to cover it for a while now, and didn’t know what to cover it with. I got the idea to use my shirt because it’s my favorite, and because the collar is no longer bright white (the way that I like it to be). Throwing it out was not an option, so I decided to put it somewhere where I could always see it.

My Plain old board before.

My daughter helped out a bit. I didn’t have any of the proper tools, so I just used my tried and trusted go-to tools: push pins and tape! Taking the board apart was easy. I just removed the screws from the back and removed the board from the frame. Once that was done, I cut the shirt to see how it would fit. 

Madison, the helper 🙂

When we finally finished, I wasn’t all that satisfied at first. But as I continued to look at the board, it grew on me The lighting in my room is really bad, so this definitely isn’t the brightest picture. I like how the areas where the sleeves once were now serve as pockets. That’s handy for storing small pieces of mail and other important stuff you want to keep up with.  I had an old necklace that I don’t wear because I lost the earrings, so I decided to put that around the collar. 

The finished product (really bad lighting)

So, when you look at that area from afar, you can see how the board helps out the space a lot. Also, it now matches the chair pads for the lunch area. This whole space  is the attic suite that we turned into a mini studio apartment for my husband and I. There are a lot of areas to decorate, and this is one that I wanted to start with-mainly because I don’t plan to do much over here

The wall looks much better to me now 🙂

This didn’t take long at all. The hardest part was cutting the fabric with dull scissors!!! I’m looking at doing a few more things this weekend, and I’ll share the details next Tuesday (and try to take care of that lighting problem.) Here’s a little collage of the pics. I have more, but there was really no need to add all that. 

Just a little collage of pics-before and after.

So, that’s it for Try It Tuesday!

Thanks for reading!!

DIY Interior Design Ideas: Don’t Sleep on Pink

Ok, before I saw these pics, the thought of a pink room never crossed my mind. I’m not the “frilly” type, but more of a blur collar, rugged girl (I’m a Detroiter). I’m glad to be able to add pink paint to my list of DIY interior design ideas. Hopefully you guys will like these too.

Pink Elegance

Eclectic Living Room design by Boston Interior Designer MANDARINA STUDIO interior design

This is a beautiful room! It’s elegant and definitely full of ideas that you can implement in your own pink space. I think the dark woods on the molding and furniture help to bring this room together. I also like that there are several shades of pink in the room.
How about that rug-are you feeling that? I love it!

A Room for a Queen

Eclectic Bedroom design by Los Angeles Interior Designer Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design

OK, how much would you pay to stay in a hotel room decked out like this one? What a splendid way to use pink paint. Besides the beautiful wall mural, the next best trophy in this room is the crown molding. It works in every way and gives the space a royal feeling. This is a look that can definitely be achieved at home.
What about that bed? I’m really feeling the headboard.

An Eclectic Dream

Spaces design

What a charming, eclectic space. This room says “Welcome to my humble abode. May some of my creativity and style wear off on you as you exit.”
I was trying to stay focused on the color of the walls, but my eye kept wandering over to the fireplace. Those look like plates .
What do you feel about the room? Is it too much for you, or does the design fit you in every way? I really like the furniture. It seems to bring all the pieces together.

Such a Lively Pink

Traditional Living Room design by St Louis Interior Designer Joni Spear Interior Design

This room is full of life! I like the deeper pink and the way it works with the rest of the colors in the room. This is on my list of DIY interior design ideas that I would try with a sitting room. It doesn’t look terribly hard to accomplish. The built-ins could be replaced with individual wall shelves or a tall book shelf.

Doesn’t Get Any Better than This

Eclectic Home Office design by New York Photographer Rikki Snyder

I love this room! It speaks volumes about the person that tolls away at the sewing machine (I’m jealous because I never learned to sew) and has an almost “powerful” look to it. I would definitely assume that the person that works in here doesn’t take any B.S.

From the storage area, to the wainscoting, to the wall paper, everything blends together perfectly! Kudos to Rikki Snyder

So, that concludes my pink review (for now anyway). Do any of these rooms spark your inspiration? My DIY interior design ideas list just got a tad bit longer.

Leave comments! I would love to hear from you!

Until next time…

Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas: Lighting Inspiration

Classic Lighting Design Theme

Thanks to the internet, most kids today don’t do their homework at the kitchen table. They do it in their bedrooms. Because of this, its your job to make sure that the lighting is sufficient, as well as cool.

Adding “special” lighting may be the last thing on your to do list, but its equally important as everything else.

To make it easier on you, here are a few bedroom decorating ideas that pertain specifically to lighting 

Cool and Funky Look for Teens or Younger Kids

This cool, funky chandelier would look fabulous in a girls room.  And actually, it could go in a younger girls room or in a teenagers room. The neat part about this piece is that is has so many different colors. It definitely would be easy match this with any type of accessories.

So, is this one of the kids bedroom decorating ideas that you could go with?

Chandeliers design by Etsy

OK, this one really caught my eye.

Its a light, basically made of test tubes. The colorful liquid makes this a perfect fit for a kids room.

It makes a statement and will probably last a while as long as there’s no throwing going on in the room. I could see myself adding this to my 5 year olds space. Truly an interesting kids bedroom decorating idea, don’t ya think?

Sassy, Girlie All the Way

This one reminds me of a Barbie Disco Ball! Its really cute and would accent any girls room. And again, because of the colors, its would be really easy to accessorize and add bedding that matches well. Not a bad kids bedroom decorating idea at all!

Rustic Nautical Theme

This light sort of reminds me of a lighthouse! It has a nautical themed look that would go perfect in a boys room.

String Lighting-Alternative to the Classic Night Light

Last but definitely not least are these cute string lights. They can go around the door frame to create a lighted entrance, or anywhere where your kids just wants to see light. They are perfect for creating nighttime lighting without using a traditional plug in night light. Again, this is a cool kids bedroom decorating idea!

Your Thoughts

What do you think about my pics? I definitely want do do something else on this topic because I found a lot of cool pieces that would work great as unisex lighting. Found some other interesting articles on kids bedroom decorating ideas. Check them out below!

Until Next Time…

Teenage Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Whether your teen is just hitting the teens or on their way to college, you can’t help but notice that they have acquired their own style J

It can be hard at times to come up with teenage bedroom decorating ideas to make your young adult happy, especially if you’re not hip to what teens want to see in their rooms. Nowadays , its more about the personalization of the space, and less about the lava lamps and overall “grooviness” of the room.

Here are a few teenage bedroom decorating ideas that you can use to inspire you to help your youngster redesign their space!

This teenage room design works in all the right ways (and that bed looks really comfy!) The lighting and the art over the bed have a personal feel and definitely makes a statement about the person sleeping in there.

The flamingos on this cover look really neat! If I weren’t married, I would probably have this cover on my bed! Pink and orange are really cute colors to put together 

This is one of the best teenage bedroom decorating ideas that I’ve seen that incorporates bunk beds. Now, you wont be able to fit this design style into a dorm room, but its perfect to try at home. And because the colors are so neutral, it would work for a teen boy or girl.

Great room design for your young man, and it almost has a retro feel to it that gives it a more mature look! My son would have this room tore up in a week! 

While we’re on the subject of teen decorating, check out these great reads from across the web! Let me know what you think of the pics I selected. I see a few things I want to try already!

That’s my small take on teenage bedroom decorating ideas!


Wall Decal Designs:Add Character to Your Bedroom with a Wall Decal

Decorating your bedroom walls can be a hassle, especially if you have to paint the room a different color. There are other ways to add style to the room without the use of paint, drop cloths and rollers. A wall decal could be the answer to your bedroom wall decorating needs, and they are fun and easy to apply!

Analyze the Design Theme and the Wall Space

The first thing you should do before you even think about ordering a wall decal is figure out where you want to put it. Take a look around the room and see what wall space is available. You may have a few outdated pictures that you would gladly remove to open up a bit of space. Also, look at the other items in the bedroom. What design style are they? If you have a traditional space, you should carry that design theme with your wall decal. Modern, contemporary rooms are great places to add spice with wall stickers.

Measure the Wall Space

After you decide where to put your bedroom wall decal, the next thing you will need to do is measure the space. Decals come in many different sizes, and you want the wall sticker to be proportionate with the wall itself. Some people actually order their decals to cover an entire wall! The choices in terms of size are endless. You just need to measure first.

Quotes or Pictures?

Do you have a favorite saying? Perhaps you would want to see it on the wall instead of a picture. Your decal should represent your distinguished style and taste. There are no wrong or right choices when it comes to decorating your personal space. Quotes and sayings offer a very personal feeling to any area and are wildly popular in bedroom interior designs.

Kids Wall Decals

When using a wall decal in a kid’s room, you should stick with the same design principals. Make sure the decal fits the overall style of the room and try to include the child in the design process as much as possible. Let them pick the decals (with your guidance) and allow them to place them on the walls. The cool thing about wall stickers is that they can be removed and replaced in an instant. Any kid would love to decorate their bedroom with kids wall decals,

By taking a few minutes to analyze and measure your bedroom, you can certainly create a space that belongs to you and only you! A wall decal is the perfect way to change the look of any space without breaking the bank or getting paint all over the place. They are super easy to apply and fun to customize!

So, when are you going to dress up those boring bedroom walls with a fun wall decal?

Until next time…