Creating the Ultimate Home Office-Infographic

Creating the Ultimate Home office

OK. When it comes to office interior design ideas, I could write hundreds of blog posts and still not cover everything. There’s just so much to consider when decorating your home office space!

Colors, furniture, layout, supplies, storage, lighting and everything else you can think of plays a huge role in whether or not you will actually enjoy working in your space.

Well, thanks the good ole’ folks at Serenity Living Stores, we have a neat little infographic to put everything into perspective.

Did you know that orange is considered the most productive color? Or how about yellow being the least productive color?

All of those great tidbits and more are packed into this little infographic  I knew this was something I wanted everyone to see and I had a ball reading it. Let me know what you guys think!!

Outdoor Deck Designs

Simple, Casual Style

I know. This is the second post on outdoor deck designs, but I couldn’t help but show you what I found. 

This picture does a great job of showing how to seamlessly blend in wood and brick. It was done so well that you can barely notice the difference between the two. This is a simple, easy design to care for and it looks causal and inviting. Well done Arcadia Gardens!

Traditional, Cozy, Welcoming Design

This is my favorite! Its one of the outdoor deck designs that says “welcome home!” From the flowers, to the rug, to the beautiful but cozy furniture, this one is laid out very nicely. Check out the next pic from a different angle.

Modern, Design with Comfortable Feel

I’m not a big fan of “stuffy”, you know, the look that says “don’t sit here” and “never touch that”. And many modern/contemporary themes are designed along those lines. This is totally opposite.

The straight lines and furniture help give it the modern feel, but the accessories and flowers do a great job of making this a casual, chilled out appeal. One of the nicer outdoor deck designs that I’ve seen.

Tranquil, Personal Outdoor Deck Design

Not a lot in terms of accessories here, but this is a simple, beautiful deck. It sits at least 4 feet off the ground and the railing system is awesome! This is a great example of how outdoor deck designs can be clean and inviting.

Creative Use of Space

Love this one! Even though the deck is very wide, the designer did a great job of making it look very inviting. And notice how they built around the tree. Its gives this space a much more personal feeling. Its simple, but has a creative flair to it. Mixing the bricks with the wood was a great idea!

How did I do this time? I hope you’ll be able to look at these outdoor deck designs and come up with a solution for your DIY outdoor deck project. You may not have the actual structure laid out like the pics, but there is plenty of inspiration leaping from the work of these design firms.

Thanks for reading, and as always, leave comments. I like to know what you’re thinking!

Until next time…