Led lights for landscape lighting

In the family living space, people not only care about the interior of the house but also focus on the exterior of the garden outside. Understanding that, manufacturers have launched continuously many beautiful decorative products, contributing to making the garden more sparkling. Typical of these is the landscape lighting LED. In today’s article, let’s find out what is LED landscape lighting and its characteristics that attract so many people’s choices.

What is led landscape lighting?

Landscape lighting is also an exterior lighting design, but compared to other outdoor lights such as high-end gate lights, imported garden headlights, landscape lighting LED is somewhat different than. Correctly, the LED landscape lighting is mostly used to decorate, beautify the space, create a highlight for a particular object in the garden, in the area where you want to paint the mind.

Led landscape lighting

Therefore, in the garden, in the family’s space, most home owners often combine the use of beautiful garden reflectors with other decorative exterior lamps. In this way, they help the space always as bright as desired.

When using this type of light for the garden, it depends on the amount of light to meet which home owner will choose. Usually, for outdoor space, many people want led headlights to create outstanding lighting effects.

General characteristics of high-quality landscape lighting LEDs on the market

The types of landscape lighting LEDs often appear in the exterior spaces of villas, apartments, promenades, campuses and resorts, lawns, parks, flower gardens, etc. Decorating the area is the main, so this beautiful outdoor garden lamp helps create stunning effects, giving families the feeling of relaxation and play.

Led landscape lighting

High-quality landscape lighting LEDs are imported with the following general characteristics:

  • Material of led decorative lighting landscape

Most of the landscape lighting led products are made from waterproof or stainless steel alloys. However, there are also some Led landscape lighting made from high-quality plastic, waterproof, and dustproof. These materials provide excellent product quality, making the lamp more durable despite the impact of erratic outdoor weather conditions.

  • Diverse and modern design

Similar to many other stylish and high-end garden headlights, genuine landscape lighting LEDs are simple and diversified in design. It is an outer light cover and light bulb inside with modern lines. Yellow, white, neutral colors are the three most popular colors of the landscape lighting LEDs nowadays.

Meanwhile, yellow has the advantage of bringing a warm, harmonious space, creating a gentle and comfortable garden, which is a choice that many people love.

Led landscape lighting
  • Technology led light bulbs

Currently, modern led technology has been invented and integrated quite a lot of garden decorative light products. And landscape lighting is no exception. This model uses a stable technology-led bulb, bringing a soft light, friendly to human vision and exterior space.

In particular, thanks to this light bulb helps home owners save the maximum amount of power used by led bulbs using current advanced technology. Unlike previous traditional light bulbs, modern manufacturing techniques have made LED bulbs one of the best energy-saving types. So, you can rest assured that having the lights on all night outside the garden with views turned on, and the monthly electricity cost is not much.

Led landscape lighting

In conclusion

Above are some sharing to help readers better understand what Led landscape lightings are and their main characteristics. According to experts, your garden, living space will be more beautiful and brighter in the night if you know how to cleverly use LED lighting to landscape the landscape with a unique design. Besides, combined with garden lights, other LED lights to help the exterior space become more sparkling and fanciful. Hopefully, in this article, you have more options for the best led landscape lighting for your area.

Use robot wet-dry shop vacuums for families

Today’s tools and equipment are becoming more and more modernized to meet the needs of people, in which the vacuum cleaner is the device that is most concerned about both customer’s and manufacturers’ export. The appearance of robot vacuums is seen as an essential milestone to modernize the daily life of the family. However, there are still some questions about whether to use a robot wet-dry shop vacuum for the family or not? Today’s article, I will answer some questions that people often ask.

The advantages of robot vacuums

Thanks to the breakthrough in innovation, the robot vacuum cleaner has the following extremely prominent benefits.

  • Automatic wet-dry shop vacuum

The clean house without you having to spend time or effort to handle is the most significant advantage that the robot vacuum cleaner brings. Just one operation on the phone or control on the device will automatically operate to clean every position in the house.

No tangle of wires, no need to take advantage of the time to go home from work to vacuum, but you can completely install the machine to operate whenever you want. Even if you are not at home, you can do it.

  • Many modes are preset

Many people worry that the robot wet-dry shop vacuum will not be able to clean the locations in the corner of the house or under cabinets, tables, beds, etc. But the machine is fully equipped with functions and modes to clean every corner thoroughly.

Random method: random vacuum cleaners in every position do not follow any order at all.

Focus mode: the machine will focus on active and rotating suction in the areas that people want.

Perpendicular style: the device will stick along the wall to vacuum dust in the corners, tables, and chairs.

Also, the machine has a flat circle so it can squeeze into narrow chassis like under cabinet, bed, …

  • There are sensors to protect the machine

You won’t have to worry about your device hitting the wall or falling down the stairs. Because the machine is equipped with the surrounding sensor system, which helps the machine change direction when it is about to hit obstacles or automatically turn off the engine when reaching the stairs. So even if no one at home, you can completely rest assured that the device works without worrying about the machine falling, or the impact leading to damage anymore.

  • Integrating many smart features

Most current robot vacuum models are equipped with many intelligent features such as wet-dry shop vacuum combined with floor cleaning, must signal for help when stuck or having problems. Smart-designed dust filter, dust container help keep dust out of the suction process.

Besides, some models are equipped with HEPA filters to clean the air to the maximum.

The limitations of robot vacuums

Although there are many outstanding advantages, robot vacuums also have some limitations, such as:

  • Weak suction power

The fact that the robot wet-dry shop vacuum has a low vacuum capacity. Therefore, it only works with ordinary dirt and small particles, while the massive waste of machinery can not be exhausted. Therefore, before running the machine, users often have to clean up once to collect large pieces of debris before running the tool.

  • Quickly runs out of battery

Maybe, according to the advertisement, the wet-dry shop vacuum can use 2, 3 hours. Still, the battery life is usually much lower, only about 40 minutes to 60 minutes is the device automatically returns to the charging place.

Criteria for evaluating an excellent battery-powered vacuum cleaner

The assessment of which battery wet-dry shop vacuum is right can be based on the following evaluation criteria:

  • Working capacity

The more stable the machine’s performance, the more appreciated it is. Currently, more power is available for battery-powered vacuum models. Therefore, when choosing, you should consider the space to be cleaned to make the selection of the most appropriate machine capacity, to help maximize your work capacity.

  • Battery life

For battery machines, the battery capacity is vital to evaluate that it is the best device or not. Therefore, the larger the battery capacity, the longer the usage time, the larger the cleaning area and shortening the cleaning time. As for the small capacity battery, it will quickly run out of battery; the cleaning will take longer due to interruption, stopping charging, or weak battery, so the suction is not reliable, not thorough.

  • Noise level

Good machines will be equipped with high-end motors and apply many modern technologies to reduce noise during working. Uniquely the engines are fitted with centrifugal vortex suction power can both handle dust thoroughly while adjusting the noise level to a minimum. Therefore, you can entirely rely on the noise level of the machine-generated to assess the quality and performance of the device.

  • Flexibility

The primary flexibility is to be able to adjust the short length of the machine to suit each position, the workspace to achieve the best efficiency.

It would be best if you chose devices that can be collapsed or extended so that when cleaning in different locations such as vacuuming floors, ceilings, computers, cars, mattresses, beds is faster and more thorough.

In conclusion

It is no wires, easy to move hygiene to the corners of the house; cars make battery-powered wet-dry shop vacuums increasingly popular. So should we use robot vacuums for families or not, and what kind of battery-powered vacuum cleaners? In the above article, we have explored together. Hopefully, through this article, you will be able to make your own choice quickly.

Structure and operating principle of wet-dry shop vacuum

A wet-dry shop vacuum is a device that uses an air pump to create vacuum suction to vacuum dirt, usually from floors and other surfaces. The impurities are collected by collecting in a bag or mixing it into the air stream for later treatment. Wet-dry shop vacuum used in homes as well as in industry varies in size and models – from a small battery-operated device, household vacuum cleaner, to large industrial vacuum cleaners. Hundreds of liters of dust can be handled, and self-propelled vacuum trucks are used to recover liquid spills or remove contaminated soil.

Wet-dry shop vacuums are now widely used in homes, workshops, and workplaces, it helps effort and time cleaning. We all know how it is used to vacuum the dust, but the structure of the wet-dry shop vacuum and the operating principle behind it are mostly unknown to us. This article will help enthusiasts learn more about wet-dry shop vacuums.

The operating principle is the structure of the wet-dry shop vacuum are divided into three types: wet-dry shop vacuum with filter bag, centrifugal vacuum cleaner, and water wet-dry shop vac.

The wet-dry shop vac with the filter bag

A wet-dry shop vac with filter bag was invented by an English engineer, the first wet-dry shop vac has a simple structure of brush and nozzle in front, the middle is the engine and the rear is the bag. When the engine is turned on, it pulls dust and air into the bag.

The air that is drawn in will have to be discharged at the other end so that the exhaust air will be free of dust and dirt that people put inside a filter bag (of cloth or paper), dirt will be kept here and clean air is coming out. And in the beginning, the bag acts as a filter. When newly invented, a vac cleaner or wet-dry shop vac with filter bag is composed of parts:

  1. The power socket provides power to the wet-dry shop vac.
  2. Motor to create motion for the exhaust fan.
  3. Transferring belt to beaters or brush.
  4. Flour or broom helps grind up before entering the machine.
  5. The impeller is attached to the motor to create a force that draws air into the machine.
  6. Dirty airflow goes to the rear of the device.
  7. Dirt is retained in the filter bag.
  8. Airflow is discharged after filtration.

Nowadays, with improvements in design, people have replaced bags with plastic boxes so in order to filter the air, an extra filter bag is placed inside a plastic box. The structure of the wet-dry shop vac today is more compact with the following parts:

  1. Air inlet hose
  2. Garbage box
  3. A HEPA filter helps to keep dirt in the garbage box and exhaust air out
  4. The motor helps create an attraction.
  5. Exhaust hole

The airflow after going through the 5 parts becomes cleaner and the dirt is trapped in the garbage bag.

The centrifugal wet-dry shop vac

Filter-type vacuum cleaners have a drawback that they suck dirty air through the filter bag and then blow the air out, although the air has been filtered, it still cannot be completely clean. Therefore, people began to improve into centrifugal vacuum cleaners.

The operating principle of the centrifugal wet-dry shop vac is the same as a washing machine. When spinning at high speed the water in clothes will spread out to dry clothes. Similar to a wet-dry shop vac, the air enters the filter in a vortex direction so that the dust particles are retained on the filter and the air is spread out. This principle helps make the air outwards cleaner.

Structure of a centrifugal vacuum cleaner

  1. Brush bar: the effect of this bar is to make dust in the carpet splashing out to help vac more easily.
  2. Height adjustment button
  3. Electric motor: its effect is to create a vac to attract dust inwardly, while also creating eddy air to create centrifugally force.
  4. Containers with dirt.
  5. Conical centrifuge: this is the most important part of a centrifugal vac cleaner. When the engine draws air through this set. the pair will fly in a vortex form, causing dust particles to be collected in the middle and swirl, while clean air will fly out.
  6. Air tube from the centrifugal set-out

Operation principle of centrifugal vac cleaner

Above we saw how the wet-dry shop vac is made. Here is the principle of its operation.

  • Step 1: The air is into the brush bar at the bottom
  • Step 2: Air is introduced around the centrifuge, causing dust particles to fall and air into the holes in the upper part.
  • Step 3: The air goes into the second cleaning phase.
  • Step 4: At this stage, the air is also cleaned with the same centrifugal principle as in step 2 but with a smaller centrifugal force.
  • Step 5: The air is relatively clean through the HEPA filter. Because most busy dust has been cleaned, the filter cover does not contain much dust so it does not clog the machine.
  • Step 6: Air is released back to the environment.

Most current wet-dry shop vacs use a separating principle that incorporates a HEPA filter because its cleaning power is good and easy to operate.

Water vacuum cleaner

The principle of centrifugation still limits a part of the dirt that is still unfiltered and will fly back into the environment. The solution is to use the water to trap the busy dust, the air after blowing out of the water will be swirled centrifugal to remove water vapor. And finally flying out was extremely clean air.

Here are the operating principles of typical water wet-dry shop vac

  • Step 1: Air is drawn inside the machine via the nozzle as usual
  • Step 2: The engine will blow this airflow through the water tank, where all the dirt will be trapped in the water.
  • Step 3: The air is blown out of the water and then swirled around the plastic bars to let the steam out. Steam drops back into the tank.
  • Step 4: Dry air is released back into the environment.

This principle helps to clean the dust collector, but it makes the machine more complicated because of constant water changes. Therefore, the principle of centrifugal and HEPA filter is still preferred.

In conclusion

Above, we have come together to learn about the wet-dry shop vac as well as the structure and principles, operating principles of some typical types of them. Through this article, I hope it will help you better understand the wet-dry shop vac and find your work the most suitable wet-dry shop vac.

Digital calipers or Mechanical calipers, which should you choose?

Mechanical calipers and digital calipers are test tools used in the field of mechanical testing and are very useful for measuring details with internal, external, and very accurate dimensions. Depending on the nature of the work, the engineer will choose the most suitable caliper.

So we should buy mechanical calipers or digital calipers that are best suited and under what circumstances. Read the article below to get an appropriate answer on this issue.

What is a caliper? What types of calipers are there?

Caliper is known as a measuring tool used to measure external, internal, and deep dimensions with a wide measuring range, accurate measurement index, and is easy to use. This instrument has been active and is indispensable in mechanical testing and machining.

Calipers are divided into two main categories: mechanical calipers (showing the results on the production line) and electronic calipers (displaying measurement results on the electronic clock face).

Should you choose a mechanical caliper or digital caliper?

The mechanical calipers are known to be the most common measuring instruments. They give exact and essential parameters such as depth, internal and external dimensions, details, and results shown in the chief caliper plus the decimal result in a satchel attached ruler. This tool is used in many industries such as mechanical engineering, woodwork or aluminum and glass, etc. Similarly, an electronic vernier caliper is also a measuring tool used to measure the size of depth, the internal dimensions, the external dimensions of the parts, and the results both integer and decimal are displayed on the electronic dial but extremely accurate.

Mechanical or digital calipers bring many benefits as well as efficiency for workers at work. You can also read specific measurements on the Metric and Inch units. This will help users save time in converting measurement units. That is the undeniable advantage of electronic calipers.

The most significant advantage of the caliper is easy to manipulate, use, and the price is very reasonable for the majority of consumers. However, the disadvantage of the calipers lies in the design of this device, when measuring and seeing the exact results, it is forcing the viewer to find the sequence number on the track and multiply it by the values is 0.1, 0.05 or 0.02 depending on how accurate the ruler is when it is. (The results take time and effort.)

Besides, digital calipers have very high exact measurement values. When the results are displayed, you need to look at the digital clock face with the measurement available on it, which is extremely convenient. But with such a convenient measuring instrument, there is also a disadvantage that you need to keep in mind that the price of the caliper will be 200% to 300% higher than the mechanical caliper, and the process of preserving and avoiding collisions is also required more cautious. If you don’t have the money or the need to use a current metric, a mechanical caliper is the best choice.

For accurate measurements, it is essential to know how to use digital calipers properly. The electronic caliper is your best device when accurately measuring small objects. For digital manufacturing jobs (CNC machines, 3D printers, CNC routers, and laser cutters), they are essential to ensure that the dimensions of your materials in the software match the actual dimensions of the material. Most standard gauges are accurate within +/- 0.001″ (0.02 mm), enough to ensure you don’t cut too deep when cutting and know that your design will fit the piece of material you are using. However, in a digital caliper “picky” working environment, you should not place it in a place with much dirt because it will directly affect the life of the caliper.

In short, with the question of whether to choose a mechanical or digital caliper, users will give their answers based on their needs and finance because each type has advantages and limitations private. For those who wish to obtain good measurement results, save time, but have no financial problems and are not too concerned about the working environment limitations of the electronic caliper, the device which is the most suitable choice. And for those who have less financial, standard work needs, muscle size is a reasonable choice. At the same time, you can also buy a waterproof electronic vernier caliper to improve the working environment of the caliper further. Through this article, I hope you will have the right choice for yourself as well as for your work.

Decorative Wall Decals

Ugly Walls? No problem. You can spruce them up quickly and easily with a custom wall decal.

Designers and other industry professionals have long enjoyed the use of decorative wall decals. They use them to create spaces that their clients adore, and the customization makes them even more valuable. Who wouldn’t want their little girl’s room to have all her favorite quotes and sayings on the wall?

The problem used to be that unless you were an industry insider, you didn’t have access to companies that created these masterpieces and you were stuck with stock wall decals from the department stores. Luckily, the internet has changed all that!

I Proudly Recommend YourDecoShop US

I love vinyl wall decals  and am so proud to recommend a company that blows the competition away in price and quality! YourDecoShop carries tens of thousands of designs and offers customization that will add character and meaning to your space.

When I first came across YourDecoShop, I was looking for butterfly wall stickers that weren’t too big and would look nice in a little girl’s room. I found several on their site and really had a hard time making a decision. There are a few favorites that I want to share with you to help spark some creativity with your DIY interior design idea.

The Tree Wall Decal
After browsing the site for a few hours, (literally) I couldn’t help but notice the different styles of the tree wall decal. Some of them were translucent for the windows, and other has loads of color that would look perfect on the walls.

Actually, they would all look perfect in several different areas, as the colors are not all green.

The green tree wall decal would work fantastic in a nursery or other kid’s spaces. There were some (green ones) that would also fit well in any other room of the house.

To say that I was blown away with the sheer number of designs would be an understatement!

Kids Wall Decals
Decorating a kid’s room can be a challenge, depending on how old they are. The kids wall decals would really come in handy at any age and YourDecoShop has so many designs to choose from, you can’t go wrong.

I suggest sitting down with your child and looking through a few of the designs (there are thousands to choose from so this may take a while) Let them decide which wall decal fits their style best and go from there.

The kid’s wall decals and the nursery wall decals are affordable, as the rest of their products are. Of course, the larger the decal is, the more it costs.

Add a Few Quotes or Sayings
Adding quotes to the wall is very popular in design today. The wall decals quotes should reflect something that you believe in and should also inspire you. When adding quotes, think about what room you want to add it to and what you normally use the room for.

Taking time to think the design through will ultimately help you create a space that you won’t want to leave.

Decal or Wall Sticker?
I have used the term decal and wall sticker in this piece, but I mean the vinyl wall decals, not the wall stickers that contains adhesive (wallpaper). (I just wanted to clear that up in case there was any question about what product to use) Of course, YourDecoShop manufactures both  wall stickers and wall decals, so you really have the best of both worlds right here!

If you’re planning on using decorative wall decals in your space, you should make sure you measure the area to ensure that you order the right size. YourDecoShop has several different size wall decals available, so you wouldn’t have any problem finding the right one for your area.

YourDecoShop is by far the most  creative wall decal company I’ve come across. Their designs are displayed on the website in a way that inspires you to create something magnificent in your own home (or wherever you want to add spice and life to ugly bare walls!)

Take a few minutes and browse their website. Tell me what you think and which decal you purchased. Better yet, tell me what you think, tell me which decal you ordered and send a picture to [email protected]

I love DIY success stories and with your permission, would post your story and pic for everyone else to be inspired by!

DIY Concrete Kitchen Counter Project-Web Snippet

I’ve seen a few TV shows and watched people make their own DIY concrete counter tops. I think they’re economical, but I don’t know if I can take on a project like that-at least not yet. This one is perfect for the space, and it looks so professional! What about you-would you or have you taken on a project like this?

Happy Decorating!

See the entire before and after(complete  with instructions) now!

Image via ABeautifulMess.com http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2014/01/concrete-countertop-diy.html

Beautiful Light Springy White Room-Web Snippet

This room is just gorgeous! I love the walls and the soft colors. I could write in this space all day. How about this one for some serious DIY design inspiration!! 

Happy Decorating! Image via Houzz http://ift.tt/1bRyRpN

Clean and Crisp DIY Interior Design Inspiration-Web Snippet

These rooms are crisp and clean! I  don’t particularly care for white walls, (as I’m sure you have read) but this really makes me look at the color white differently. What do you think? Are you a fan of white, and if not, would you try this? I think this is a great DIY inspiration space

Happy Decorating!

Images via Design Milk http://ift.tt/1o0VE7E

Clean and Crisp DIY Interior Design Inspiration-Web Snippet

These rooms are crisp and clean! I  don’t particularly care for white walls, (as I’m sure you have read) but this really makes me look at the color white differently. What do you think? Are you a fan of white, and if not, would you try this? I think this is a great DIY inspiration space 

Happy Decorating!

Images via Design Milk http://ift.tt/1o0VE7E